PW3 Washtech – Wide Body Passthrough Warewasher 500mm Rack

Triple cycle selection – to suit varying soil loadings Twin two horsepower wash pumps ensure a thorough cleaning process – no more greasy items Double filtration of wash water with scrap trays and pump filters Uses only 4 litres of water per cycle – during high temperature sanitising rinse Watermark certified Each load is sanitised – meets hygiene regulations High clearance wash compartment W 1100mm x D 650mm x H 650mm Includes:     Equipped with 1 x 500mm cup rack, 1 x cup cover, 1 x 500mm dish rack and 1 x cup   holder                                              

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Washtech PW3 uses only 4 litres of water per cycle    Triple cycle selection 2, 4 & 6 minute cycles  Upper and lower all stainless steel arms Removable end caps for easy cleaning Electromechanical easy to operate controls  



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